7 reasons TrüNorth Global is Ieading the way to success!

At TrüNorth Global™, we didn’t become the leading provider of transportation-related warranty programs and services by following someone else’s lead. We did it by listening to you—our hard-working dealer and fleet-owner partners, and independent warranty customers—to deliver the flexible solutions, coverages, and innovative, technology-based services that keep your business moving forward. 

Exceeding customer expectations

Our reputation, founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, and respect, is our most coveted asset. It drives everything we do from employing the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, to our dedication to developing the industry-leading products and services that continue to earn the trust and confidence of the drivers, dealers, and communities in which we operate. 

Here are 7 reasons that TrüNorth Global leads the industry in warranty protection and why we are the only choice for your limited-warranty needs.

  1. Prices that never changed: Bringing over a decade of experience to commercial asset data, TrüNorth created an algorithm to predict failure in most makes of equipment and component parts. This leading knowledge allows us to create pricing that will never change and remain consistent for years into the future.
  2. The 1st Mobile App in the Industry: At TrüNorth Global we are vested in leading the way with technology for the industry. Offering the first-ever mobile app technology to view coverage, start or track a claim, submit maintenance records, and more. Giving peace of mind to Owner Operators with 24/7 accessibility.
  3. The 1st to offer 24/7 multilingual call center and claims service: Here at TrüNorth Global we understand the need of our warranty holders and are proud to offer the first in the industry live multi-lingual 24/7 call center and claims service.
  4. All-Inclusive component program offerings: TrüNorth is the leader in program offerings! We understand that you need a program that offers one set of pricing and not an al-carte system. That is why we were the first to offer all-inclusive component programs to meet the needs of owner-operators.
  5. Personalized Onboarding: TrüNorth’s focus has always been ensuring the warranty holder is ready for the road ahead. That is why we created the first onboarding system for customers & our partners. Providing the information needed from the start of how to navigate the limited warranty. 
  6. TrüFlex™ deferred financing option: We are proud to offer flexible payment options with no credit checks required. Purchasing the coverage you need shouldn't break the bank! 
  7. Private Label programs designed to meet your needs: Leading the industry with the first-ever Private label Programs tailored (or designed) to meet the needs of specific industries and equipment.

At TrüNorth Global, we love being the leader in the industry, that is where we have been and where we strive to stay. Don't go another day without the coverage you need!

Our long-standing commitment to offering outstanding program value has enabled us to craft TrüNorth Global into the leading provider heavy duty truck warranties, medium duty truck warranties, commercial equipment warranties, and so much more. We remain committed to being recognized as the driving force in our industry.  

About TrüNorth Global™

At TrüNorth Global™ our commitment to keeping our customers on the road drives everything we do, from providing the most comprehensive aftermarket coverage in the industry through our TrüNorth Global™ and OEM2™ warranties to our TrüTOW™ roadside assistance service, MyTruckWarranty.com™ programs for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks, TrüIRON™ programs based on the needs of our dealer partners and their hard-working customers. Our real-time GPS tracking technology and 24/7 direct access to claims representatives via phone, web, Mobile App, and text are just a few examples of our ongoing resolve to continue paving the way for the future of our industry.

Don’t go another day without the leading coverage in the industry. Looking to buy a warranty? Call 1-888-88-MYTNG today to learn more! Looking to sign up as a Retailer or for Private Label opportunities contact us at 1-800-903-7489 Ext 803. Let us show you more about the benefits of working directly with TrüNorth Global™ to grow your businesses while protecting and extending the lifecycle of your important commercial asset investments.

By employing the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, and offering outstanding program value, we have solidified our position as the global leader in transportation-related warranty programs and services. More importantly, we continue to earn the trust and confidence of the fleets, finance companies, drivers, dealers, and communities in which we operate through a reputation built on honesty, integrity, and financial strength. For more information visit www.MyTruNorth.com

To learn more about TrüNorth Global™ warranty programs and services, or for help determining the right warranty program for your business needs, visit us at TrüNorth Warranty or call us at 1-800-903-7489. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. 

Grow your business with the leader in commercial asset protection.

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