A Warranty Based on Versatility and Innovation

Unprecedented times lead to unpredictable circumstances. Our changing times are creating challenges for everybody, from dealerships to truck drivers and machine operators. In order to develop solutions, our business model has evolved. At TrüNorth Global™ headquarters, our priority is to have a versatile product that understands the customers’ and partners’ needs.

To be the leaders of our industry, we have had to overcome different obstacles. Our business model is ever evolving as well as growing to adjust for the trucking industry growth and to meet the needs of other industries. When TrüNorth Global started, we knew our business model would need to be versatile to grow with the ever-changing economy, which gave us the structure to cover different kinds of vehicles and commercial equipment.

What started with commercial trucks quickly expanded to RV Haulers, Bus, MotorCoach, etc. We have coverage options for different types of vehicles depending on the year and the mileage, and one of the best parts of our warranty is that the price remains stable for your convenience. We quickly realized there was an industry that was missing from our coverage options. TrüNorth Global™ quickly went to work, building a warranty to help with the financial burden for those who assemble and work with the backbone of our day-to-day activities. We created TrüIRON to be able to offer coverage for those in the agricultural, forestry, construction, mining, etc. 

It started as a warranty made to cover light, medium, and super-duty commercial equipment. Eventually, we saw the need to go bigger and add a category for Super, Maxx, and SuperMaxx vehicles/equipment. Depending on the weight of the vehicle, we have a warranty that is right for you. On top of covering components within the engine, axle(s), transmission, hydrostatics, turbo, and aftertreatment systems, TrüIRON offers coverage on hydraulics and vibratory components of your commercial vehicle or equipment.

One of the keys to our team’s success, Michelle Wilson, has seen incredible opportunities for TrüIRON in her territory and across North America. She helped TrüNorth Global™ create a more versatile program and a warranty with the customers’ needs as its primary purpose. There isn’t a one size fits all warranty coverage in the commercial equipment world. Our sales representatives have been in charge of taking our warranties to places where it serves its purpose and gives the utmost service to our clients. “Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working with our customers across all industries. From agriculture to utilities, to tweaking our core coverage program as well as creating individualized plans to make sure everyone’s needs are covered,” Michelle added when asked about her experience in the field and the challenges for an industry that keeps growing exponentially. 

Michelle spent the last decade working with Ritchie Bros. As Manager of Warranty Programs and five years before working with Leavitt Machinery as Service Supervisor. We are very fortunate to have her bring those customer service skills and industry knowledge to the TrüNorth Global team and to the innovation of the TrüIRON brand. 

We are proud to bring TrüIRON to you and be part of the backbone of our society. We offer warranties for different commercial equipment that builds the infrastructure of our roads and cities, and we make it easy with our TrüIRON official app, available to you at all times. You can view all of your warranty details, start and follow a claim, and upload all of your maintenance records for your convenience. No matter which warranty you qualify for, we have a team ready 24/7/365 to help assist, who drive everything we do.  

No matter where the land, sea, or air takes you, we are with you all the way.

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