How to Eat Healthy While on the Road

What is your favorite thing about a road trip? Ours is the snacks and goodies that come along with the views. For those of us that aren't truck drivers that is once or twice a year experience that comes with a road trip. For truck drivers, your job requires that you spend most of your time on the road driving a truck making fast food and truck stop snacks easy but they aren’t the best foods for your health. The vast majority of fast and convenient options are packed with sodium and fats. With that being said how can we eat healthy on the road or job?

What is World Health Day?

Founded in 1948, World Health Day is celebrated annually on its April 7th anniversary drawing attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading global health authority within the United Nations. The purpose of the organization is to control health and communicable diseases across the globe. The WHO uses their anniversary not only as a day of celebration, but as an opportunity to highlight a current global health priority.  

Here at TrüNorth Global™, we are always focusing on the road ahead, especially when it comes to your health! So let’s talk about a few ways to promote healthy eating and some tips to make this easier while on the road or on the job. 

Promoting Healthy Eating 

Just like trucks, we all need fuel to help keep our bodies running properly, and we need healthy food to keep us functioning at our best. It’s important for anyone to learn how nutrition affects their health and how eating the proper foods can not only make them feel better but keep them healthy.  

As a trucker, with all the long hours, it can be convenient but harmful to their health to constantly intake fast food or truck stop snacks. The Healthy Trucker listed obesity as one of the biggest health risks for drivers, with more than 73% overweight and over 50% obese. Staying healthy on the road is extremely difficult because the lifestyle doesn’t quite promote physical fitness and this is why eating healthy is so crucial. Healthy snacks while driving can be just as tasty as fast food!

Healthy Tips for Truck Drivers

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So ensure that you are choosing healthy options. A healthy breakfast increases your blood sugar which gives you energy to start your day and also prolongs your need to eat lunches and keeps you moving throughout the day, which is important for truck drivers taking long trips.
  • Healthier non-perishable snack choices to take on the road helps to cut down on meal portions. A few ideas are: Jerky, Mixed nuts, Dried fruits, Dark chocolate.
  • Eat more salads and leafy greens at least two times per day. This will increase your focus while on the road and is a good source of Vitamin K which prevents certain age related conditions, helps to lower cholesterol and preserve vision.
  • Meal prepping is an effective way to maintain a healthy eating schedule. This will help to achieve any goals for weight loss, save money, and time.
  • Drink lots of water to help increase your body functioning to its full potential. Drinking 64 ounces of water a day will also increase alertness on the road. 
  • Avoid too much caffeine intake such as limiting yourself to two cups of coffee per day. 
  • Take time to rest and get the proper amount of sleep which requires at least 7 hours of sleep. Small breaks can re-energize, so take time to do some simple exercises to get the blood flowing to help your circulatory system. 

Professional truck drivers and the working conditions they normally face make a healthy lifestyle difficult to follow. This can obviously influence decisions with food choice while working. Educating truck drivers and presenting them ways to improve their diet during trips by offering small changes might help support dietary changes in this particular population. 

Here at TrüNorth Global™ we want you to know that no matter where the road takes you, we’ve got you covered. That is why we want to help you with tips on how to eat and stay healthy while on the road. As the leaders in the truck warranty industry we care about each of the nation's truck drivers. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive component coverage at the best price. We are striving to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and lead the way in innovation, customer service and transparency.

To learn more about TrüNorth Global™ warranty programs and services, or for help determining the right warranty program for your business needs, visit us at TrüNorth Global™ Warranty or call us at 1-800-903-7489. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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