How TrüNorth Global is Revolutionizing Commercial Asset Protection for the Construction and Agriculture Industries

No matter what business you’re in, if your equipment fails, productivity takes a hit. And that can result in a tough blow to your bottom line. That’s particularly true in the construction and agriculture industries where frequently utilized equipment is relied on to perform arduous tasks on a routine basis—often across back-to-back shifts where it’s handled by multiple operators with varying degrees of expertise. In addition, equipment is typically used outdoors where it’s exposed to the harsh elements. All of these factors can increase the likelihood of equipment breakdowns, leaving you with unwelcome downtime and repair costs.

“Until now, contractors and equipment owners had few options for covering costly repairs needed to keep their equipment and their businesses running,” said William Eskridge, TrüNorth Global Chairman/CEO. “Basically, the choice was to cover repairs out-of-pocket, or replace expensive equipment. Both options can drain capital reserves and delay projects, which can have an exponentially adverse impact on the business.”

“When you purchase new equipment, the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty (OEMs) covers specific parts, components and systems. However, for items that are not covered, equipment owners run the risk of footing the bill for expensive out-of-pocket repairs in the event of an accident, component failure, or general wear and tear,” Eskridge explained. “That gets expensive really quick—especially if you’ve financed that equipment and are making substantial monthly payments. That’s why we developed TrüIRONTM protection.”

TrüIRON, the latest addition to the TrüNorth Global™ family of products and services, offers  an innovative solution for dealers, fleet owners, and individual operators seeking to protect both their investments in expensive commercial equipment and their revenue generation capabilities by helping to minimize downtime when a breakdown does occur.

With a focus on light to heavy duty equipment used in construction and agriculture, TrüIRON offers the most comprehensive coverage available for commercial equipment with the highest limits and lowest cost. In fact, the TrüIRON standard commercial warranty program for light, medium and super duty equipment covers eight major components at no additional cost to warranty holders:

  1. Engine
  2. Transmission
  3. Hydrostatics
  4. Axle(s)
  5. Turbo
  6. Aftertreatment
  7. Hydraulics
  8. Vibratory package options

“Consistent with all of our warranty programs, there’s no waiting period with TrüIRON,” Eskridge said. “All warranties offer day-one coverage.” To qualify for coverage, commercial equipment vehicles must pass annual FMCSA and ANSI periodic inspections, if applicable, and be seven years old and newer.

TrüIRON is powered by TrüNorth Global™, the leader in commercial asset protection for all commercial trucks, construction equipment, steam and cargo ships, power generation, and air. As such, TrüIRON warranty programs offers all of the benefits of the TrüNorth family of products, including:

  • 24/7 live claims service
  • Multilingual call center assistance
  • Experienced claims and warranty support associates,
  • Mobile claims app with GPS location-based technology and real-time claims updates

TrüIRON dealer programs are built to provide value-added resources and additional revenue streams. TrüIRON benefits for dealer-partners, fleet owners and warranty holders include:

  • Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles are eligible for coverage with all packages
  • TruArmorProgram provides seamless day-one coverage at expiration of OEM factory warranty
  • TruFlex™ deferred payment available
  • Warranty Transferability
  • Easy Access to Repair and Maintenance Facilities

“Our dealer-partners benefit from streamlined processes, exceptional sales support from our industry leading team of professionals, personalized customer on-boarding, and the most competitive and innovative warranty programs in the industry,” Eskridge said. “TrüIRON is one more example of how we continue to place customer needs at the forefront of our business.”

To learn more about TrüIRON and the TrüNorth family of commercial warranty products and services, visit us at www.Trü


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