Real-Time Notification App Update

As the first company to introduce a mobile app, TrüNorth Global™ is leading the way for the commercial warranty industry. Truck drivers worldwide have always played a vital role in making sure critical goods reach their destinations on time. That's why we have invested heavily in technology to bring you real-time notifications. With this update, you can utilize the TrüNorth™ mobile app to notify you and the repair center immediately when there is a claim status update. Ultimately, this will lead to faster turn arounds, which will have your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible. We have 3 specific mobile apps which service the TrüNorth™ Warranty,™ and TrüIRON™ customers alike.

"Supporting our truck drivers has never been more important," said William Eskridge, TrüNorth Global Chairman/CEO. "Our latest feature really takes that up a notch, providing push notification alerts to warranty holders and repair facilities in real-time, as soon as there is an update to their claim. We hope these instant notifications will speed up the claims process while adding value to our products by getting our warranty holders back to work faster," Eskridge said. 

TrüNorth™ mobile app simplifies the steps when a breakdown occurs. Intuitive technology enables warranty holders to start a new claim in seconds by simply logging on with their last name and VIN. You can quickly locate the closest repair facility to get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

Mobile App Features:

  •  Push notifications alerting real-time claims tracking and updates
  •  iOS and Android compatible
  •  Pre-populating information
  •  Snapshot of warranty coverage(s)
  •  View or download a signed warranty contract
  •  Access to maintenance records
  •  Full claims history 
  •  GPS-enabled technology 
  • 24/7 live claims and user support, including multilingual call center assistance
  • Wifi not required, just cell service
  • Online tutorial

The TrüNorth Global™ mobile apps can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play. To learn more, visit Don't go another day without the leading warranty coverage in the industry!






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