Your Key to Success: TNG Mobile App

TrüNorth Global paved the way to success in the industry by making a mobile app available for their customers. We saw an opportunity to equip the consumer with better resources and made the decision to create something to make the warranty process easier. We are paving the way for better communication and accessibility in order to meet the needs of our customers.

What does the app provide?

The mobile app allows customers to do a number of things. The first is, the ability to upload important documents like maintenance records. These records help ensure your warranty is valid, having the option to update these forms in the app is meant to make life easier for truckers. 

Another capability of the mobile app is the option to track and file claims. Our goal is to get customers back on the road making money! With the app at your fingertips, it is easy to track your claim’s progress and get information in a timely manner.

One of the warranty add-on options you could choose includes the TrüTow service. This is our company’s 24/7 roadside assistance program and the mobile app allows you to contact a towing service near you. TrüTow is for more than just towing. If you have ever run out of gas, Trütow can deliver you diesel gas. If you have ever locked your keys in your vehicle, TrüTow can retrieve your keys for you. If you have ever gotten a flat tire, TrüTow can help you replace it. Having this service and easy access from the TrüNorth mobile app helps you overcome issues quickly.

On the mobile app, the entire warranty that is purchased is available to review at your convenience at any time. If you ever have to check what your warranty covers we have the documents available!

Real Testimony

One of our beloved customers said, “ My truck broke down in Alabama at 10 AM and TrüTow allowed me to get taken to the nearest facility just a few miles up the highway. I started the claims process within the mobile app. By the afternoon, TrüNorth Global had all the info to process my claim. I was able to use the app for updates the whole time. I got back on the road by the next morning”.  

TrüNorth Global is a company that strives to provide a warranty service that is worth it for the trucking community. We are constantly listening to our customer’s feedback in order to provide the best care for their needs. If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, check it out! If you ever have any questions, contact our amazing team. Someone will be there to help in any way possible!

At TrüNorth Global™, our commitment to keeping your customers on the road drives everything we do from providing flexible solutions and coverages based on the needs of our dealer partners and their hard-working customers, to making sure you don’t have to be a warranty expert to understand ours. That’s why our streamlined claims service and support were designed to respect your time and our warranty holders’, combining innovative real-time tracking technology with 24/7 direct access to claims representatives via web, text, phone, or app on your mobile device.

By employing the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, and offering outstanding program value, we have crafted TrüNorth Global™ into the leading provider of transportation-related warranty programs and services in the industry. More importantly, we’ve earned the trust and confidence of the fleets, finance companies, drivers, dealers, and communities in which we operate through a reputation founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, respect, and a true understanding of the industry in which we operate.

Learn More about the TrüNorth mobile app.

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