Our Dealers are part of our heartbeat

It has been stated before that the mark of a true partnership is the innovative growth that arises. At TrüNorth Global™ our dealership partners are part of the heartbeat of our company and we are grateful for each of our dealership partners. TrüNorth Global's dealer warranty programs are built to provide value, added resources, and additional revenue streams. There is a reason more heavy duty truck dealerships, medium duty truck dealerships, construction & agricultural equipment dealerships, finance companies, and fleets are choosing TrüNorth  Global as their primary warranty provider. 

Our Promise

While we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, the nature of our business requires a focused, long-term approach. TrüNorth Global will consistently strive to improve efficiency and productivity through learning, sharing, and evaluating best-demonstrated practices. We will seek and develop proprietary technologies, products, programs, and services that provide TrüNorth Global and our clients with a clear competitive advantage. 

Our entire team from administration to field representatives is committed to building relationships and understanding your needs and knowing that we as people and as a company desire a good reputation more than monetary gain.  Doing the right thing Every time is not just a punchline, it is our company's core philosophy and part of everything we do from the smallest daily task to the largest.

Why our dealers choose us

Our dealers choose TrüNorth Global because we provide the most value at the best price. At TrüNorth Global, we know that the industry, as a whole, has not always had that great of a reputation, knowing that, we believe our only competition is ourselves. Changing and creating new ways to provide better customer service for our dealer partners and your customers is our number one mission. We are creating programs, payment processes, claims systems, administration, and customer service processes that have never been done before in this industry. At TrüNorth Global we are proud to offer our dealership partners the peace of mind knowing that your customers will be backed by the leading warranty company in the world. 

TrüNorth Global is proud to offer your customers:

  • The industry’s ONLY mobile application
  • Simplified Paperwork Process
  • Highest Claims Approval Rating
  • Prices that have never changed, no matter the changes in the marketplace
  • 24/7 multilingual customer service
  • TrüFlex™ Deferred Financing
  • Personalized Onboarding

Each warranty program is built to provide the best coverage available. Our sales representatives and dealer services departments are equipped to provide particular programs based on the sales of each dealership. When a dealer chooses to become a member of the TrüNorth Global family, a phone call is made to personally go over all pertinent information that we believe is essential to help them succeed. We value our relationship with our retailers and welcome feedback and ways in which we can better serve them. 

How are we here for them

At TrüNorth Global™, we are proud to offer personalized onboarding for our dealer partners, a dealer services team that is ready to offer any assistance needed, a team of expert sales representatives in the field, and also our dealer portal & additional technology offerings which provide access to the dealers for a more seamless warranty process.

We provide comprehensive branded marketing materials, education and training, digital content, videos, and guidance because we strive to help our dealer partners succeed in warranty sales and customer service.

As a TrüNorth Global Authorized Retailer, you benefit from: 

  • Streamlined processes
  • Exceptional sales support from our industry-leading team of professionals
  • Personalized dealer on-boarding
  • The most competitive and innovative warranty programs in the industry
  • Submit warranties
  • View warranties sold
  • Request marketing materials
  • Accounting portal

Dealer Portal Access 

  • Easy log in
  • No emailing of paperwork
  • Easy submission of warranties and other documents
  • View warranties, all new paperwork, drafts, etc.
  • View rate cards, ECA, etc.
  • Track number of warranties sold

If you are already a dealership partner with TrüNorth Global™ we are grateful for your valued partnership and it is a pleasure to do business with you. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out on the valuable assets available to our dealership partners and the support of the leading warranty company in the industry.

About TrüNorth Global™

At TrüNorth Global™ our commitment to keeping our customers on the road drives everything we do, from providing the most comprehensive aftermarket coverage in the industry through our TrüNorth Global™ and OEM2™ warranties, to our TrüTOW™ roadside assistance service, MyTruckWarranty.com™ programs for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks, TrüIRON™ programs based on the needs of our dealer partners and their hard-working customers. Our real-time GPS tracking technology and 24/7 direct access to claims representatives via phone, web, mobile App, and text are just a few examples of our ongoing resolve to continue paving the way for the future of our industry.

By employing the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, and offering outstanding program value, we have solidified our position as the global leader in transportation-related warranty programs and services. More importantly, we continue to earn the trust and confidence of the fleets, finance companies, drivers, dealers, and communities in which we operate through a reputation built on honesty, integrity, and financial strength. For more information visit www.MyTruNorth.com

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