Paul Teutul, Jr. on How Work Trucks Keep Business Moving Forward


Growing up in his family’s steel business has provided Paul Teutul, Jr., a deep understanding and appreciation for the critical role work trucks play in keeping businesses of all sizes moving forward. “I actually grew up building work trucks and spent years working off of them in the field,” said Teutul, the star of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper. 

“The one thing all work trucks have in common, is the need to be high functioning. In the steel business, we’d get trucks without the beds on them and build rack bodies for our welders to accommodate their torches and everything else you need to do steel fabrication,” he added. “I’m just as dependent on the trucks used in my business today to haul materials and parts, and deliver custom bikes to my customers all over the U.S.”

“Like anyone else who depends on their work trucks, my time is money. I can’t afford to be sidelined due to a breakdown or expensive repair cost,” Teutul said. “At, they get it. Work trucks are critical to keeping our economy moving forward, from manufacturing to retail and agriculture. If they’re not working, you’re not working. And if you’re not working, you’re not making money. My business is no different.” 

That’s a key reason TrüNorth Global partnered with the chief designer and fabricator of some of the world's most famous motorcycles to build the custom trike in conjunction with its spring 2019 launch of, powered by TrüNorth Global™.  “With his knowledge, history and passion for work trucks, Paul Jr. was the natural choice to design and build the custom trike,” said TrüNorth GlobalCEO, William Eskridge. 

“When TrüNorth approached me about the build, I immediately knew the direction I wanted to go,” Teutul said. “As a company, TrüNorth Global is always looking ahead to anticipate where the industry is headed, and what its customers will need tomorrow. I wanted to capture that innovative spirit by taking a futurist approach to the type of trucks I grew up with, but still maintain that classic work truck vibe,” Teutul said. 


To achieve his vision, Teutul designed the trike with a hitch on the back and oversized dually wheels to give it a ‘beefy’ work truck look. “It’s six feet two inches wide in the rear, but only nine feet long. We wanted to make it feel really stout, so we shortened it up in the back and put a shorter front end on it with a fatter front tire,” he said. 

One of the challenges Teutul and his team faced was how to make the dual rear tires appear proportional. To accomplish this goal, he added crash bars and built-in floorboards to transition the eye from the front of the bike to the back tires, creating a triangular shape, which also resulted in a higher-functioning bike. “It’s really rewarding when you hit that perfect balance between form and high function.”

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“I have to say the trike is unquestionably one of my favorite projects of all time and one the most unique and attractive vehicles we’ve ever built,” he added. “There’s not another trike out there like it—period. It’s one of one.” 

A warranty program tailored to the unique needs of work truck owners and operators

Like Paul Jr., whether you depend on your light and medium duty commercial work trucks to deliver custom bikes, haul materials, or transport passengers, you know that a breakdown can cost you valuable time and money. That’s why TrüNorth Global developed a warranty program tailored to the unique needs of work truck owners, operators and fleet managers., powered by TrüNorth Global™ offers the most comprehensive coverage available for protecting your commercial work trucks with the highest limits and lowest cost, making it easy and economical for owner-operators, fleet owners, lessees, and used truck dealers to protect their valuable work truck assets. Our standard program Class 3-7 commercial work truck warranties cover five major components: engine, transmission, differential, turbo, and after-treatment. And there’s no waiting period. All warranties offer day-one coverage.

At, our claims experts are on-call 24/7 – when you need them. And our industry-leading mobile app for iOS and Android devices puts you in control, allowing you to manage your coverage and start a claim immediately—anywhere, anytime. We’ll even assist you with a tow when needed. 

We work hard to hard to keep you and your commercial work trucks moving forward:

  • 10 years old and newer vehicle coverage
  • Multi-year options for engine, transmission, differentials, hydraulics and turbo and emissions packages
  • Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles are eligible for coverage with all packages
  • TrüFlex™ Deferred Payment Available
  • 24/7 live claims service
  • Multilingual call center assistance
  • Experienced claims and warranty support associates
  • Mobile claims app and GPS location technology

To learn more about aftermarket warranty programs and services for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks, visit or call us today at 1-800-903-7489.

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