Rand McNally this week released an in-cab software upgrade that enables Multiple Operating Authority (MOA) tracking. The MOA feature, which separately tracks drivers and truck hours of service, is now available for Rand McNally’s TND 760, HD 100 and TPC 7600 solutions.

In addition to HOS tracking, the MOA functionality enables:

  • Assignment of fuel purchases and mileage data across Operating Authorities for tax reporting,
  • Evaluation of driver behavior associated with a particular division, vehicle or Authority,
  • Tracking of driver movement between fleet divisions with separate Operating Authorities.

Rand McNally’s MOA feature was designed with input from experts in the moving and storage business — an industry in which it is common to have multiple carriers and Operating Authorities. For example, a driver may be assigned a load for a household move on Day 1, handle a corporate move on Days 2 and 3, and spend a morning performing warehouse tasks and handling a military move in the afternoon of Day 4.

With MOA tracking, each type of activity is automatically assigned and logged to a different division, carrier, or Operating Authority within the organization, significantly reducing manual accounting.

“Rand McNally’s robust new MOA feature goes far beyond what is currently available in the market. It will improve reporting accuracy and efficiency for any company tracking multiple Operational Authorities, from companies during an acquisition period, to brokers, to those with complex operations and multiple divisions,” said Mark Spicer, vice president of sales for Rand McNally’s Commercial Transportation business. “The MOA feature allows such fleets to focus on growing business, serving customers, and maximizing driver capacity.”

The new MOA feature tracks HOS for the week, summing available hours and assigning data for fuel tax, invoicing and other categories to the appropriate division within an organization. By accessing the Rand McNally Connect web portal, managers are able to pull reporting for drivers, vehicles, divisions and Authorities.

For drivers, the new feature includes access to an online driver portal, which allows them to review, edit, and certify a single daily HOS log (even if the driver performed work for multiple divisions).

Drivers also may track their fuel purchases and obtain mileage reporting under each Operating Authority. The reporting is especially valuable for an owner-operator or leased driver responsible for his/her own business management and taxes.