Recognizing Women in The Trucking Industry

Happy Women’s History Month!

It’s an important time to recognize and celebrate the many achievements of women throughout history, and in the present day. We at TrüNorth Global Celebrate “Women in Trucking.”

When it comes to the trucking industry, women are increasingly becoming a larger part of the workforce. A research report from the American Trucking Association revealed that the number of women employed in the trucking industry has grown by nearly 70 percent since 2010. This is a huge accomplishment and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of many women in trucking.

Women have not only broken through the glass ceiling in the trucking environment, they’re also making a meaningful impact in the industry. In addition to being Company Owners and CEO's they are driving trucks, leading as dispatchers, safety directors, and administrators. Women are also making strides in the fields of logistics and freight management, making the industry more efficient and saving money by finding cost-effective opportunities.

It’s phenomenal to see how women are impacting transportation, and this Women’s History Month is a great time to recognize all of their accomplishments. Women have worked hard to make the trucking industry a more equitable one for all.

Women Truckers Face Unique Challenges In The Predominantly Male Industry:

  • Women often find it difficult to gain respect and recognition from their peers
  • Women may also experience gender pay disparities
  • lack of access to certain job opportunities

How Women Win In The Trucking Industry

  • Women often communicate better and customer service is their forté
  • Women are detail-oriented
  • They are often more organized and stay on top of their duties

Overall women truckers offer valuable contributions to the trucking industry and they are very successful in a male dominated environment.

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