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The trucking industry plays an instrumental role in the circulatory system of our Supply Chain. It’s no secret that this side of the business has been affected and created problems in different sectors of the economy. Empty retailer lots, driver shortages, delayed parts, on backorder, completely unavailable, etc. It is evident that this still needs improvement, and we need to act soon. 

More drivers? More trucks? Better pay and benefits? These could help us begin to move in the right direction, but it will take everybody to contribute to the industry to see better results. It takes a collective effort for dealerships to obtain more inventory, service facilities to increase their capability to receive vehicles, and even warranty companies to increase their coverage and assist people in getting back on the road without creating an excessive financial burden.

We appreciate everything that all the players in the supply chain have done to keep our economy moving. Thank you, manufacturers, dealers, service facilities, shippers, loaders, and most of all, drivers for your continued efforts to keep us all rolling. For TrüNorth Global™, it is one of our priorities to better our service and provide a warranty that covers when you need it the most. The truth is, we continually strive to do more!

At TrüNorth Global™, we offer the highest benefits at the lowest cost. The structure of our plans makes it easy to understand, and we have a warranty for each kind of commercial vehicle. We have separate categories for our commercial equipment, allowing us to offer the coverage you need. TrüNorth Global™ can help you protect your commercial assets no matter the size. 

In addition to the excellent programs and services we offer, we strive to go the extra mile for you, our valued customers, and partners. We want to make your life easier and the claims process seamless. TrüNorth Global™ is the only one in the industry to offer a mobile app where you can manage your warranty, view your documents, create a log to keep up with your maintenance records, process a claim, and more. Our onboarding process goes the extra mile. We offer a personalized call to our warranty holders when they purchase their warranties. We want to ensure that our customers know about the warranty-specific maintenance requirements and the steps to follow in the event of a breakdown, so we go over this information during our onboarding process. 

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We are proud to lead our industry! We plan to continue being the #1 warranty provider for your commercial vehicles and equipment. Regardless of class 3 to 7, class 8, or commercial equipment, our structure is service-driven, and our customer service is our top priority. Our multilingual call center is ready to assist you 24/7/365. In addition to our internal efforts, our Service Development team works externally training repair facilities, familiarizing them with the TrüNorth Global™ claims process and teaching them to follow the appropriate steps to process your repairs. Our Sales representatives take pride in expanding our extensive network and reaching more people that can benefit from our warranty programs. Subscribe to our blog, and don’t miss any news about TrüNorth Global™ and your warranty.

To learn more about TrüNorth Global™ warranty programs and services or for help determining the right warranty program for your business needs, visit us at TrüNorth Warranty or call us at 1-800-903-7489. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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