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As the industry-leading commercial warranty provider in North America, we understand the responsibility and level of trust our customers put in our hands. We understand the need for your commercial equipment to support you and your families. In turn, we recognize how much you rely on us to have your vehicle back to work. At TrüNorth Global™, we are proud to be leading the way by delivering top-notch customer service.

One of our priorities is to provide you with detailed information regarding your claim status from beginning to end. We treat every phone call, email, and mobile app inquiry as our main priority. That’s why we have assembled a dynamic team of very competent specialists available to assist you and help with every step of your warranty including, our sales team, onboarding, the claims process, and call center/support team, etc.

At TrüNorth Global™, we take pride in our ability to provide you with professional service and accurate information without any hassle. From our administration/finance teams to our onboarding team to our claims adjudicators, everybody plays a vital role in the service that we provide. Our team is ready to make sure we have set you up for success.

  • Our Dealer Services & Sales/Marketing teams are a perfectly assembled machine that helps us grow our brand and develop a better service to our customers and retailers. They establish a relationship with our dealerships and retailers. Also, they are there to get in contact with you when you have questions in regards to acquiring or renewing your warranty. Thanks to our sales team and business developers, we are expanding our brand to countries like Mexico and Puerto Rico as TrüNorth Global™ continues to deliver better service in the USA and Canada.

  • Our Administration & Finance teams are here to help if you have any questions during the approval or payment process. We are proud to be the first in the industry to offer our ECA and flexible payment options. Have a question about your TrüFlex agreement? Call today! Not sure what TrüFlex is? That is our deferred financing that offers no credit checks and zero interest fees. 

  • Our Onboarding Team is your first interaction with our company once you have purchased our warranty if you have not talked to one of our talented sales representatives. We want to make sure that the customer understands the required maintenance and know-how to start a claim. One of the main advantages of onboarding is that we can help you set up your Mobile App, which is super convenient and saves time once the claim opens. With our Mobile App, you can quickly start and follow claims through the process. Another feature the mobile app provides is a place to store maintenance records, so they are always available when you or your claims department may need them in the claim process time by already having some of the required items on hand.

  • Our multilingual Call Center/Support Specialists are ready to be the first point of contact with each customer once the claim has started or needs to start. They are available 24/7/365, and with their expertise, they will guide you in the claim process providing you with all the information required (i.e., maintenance records, diagnostics information, estimates, etc.) for the adjudicators to review your claim and make a determination on coverage for you and your unit. Our Call Center is ready to receive your calls at any time, and they follow up with you continuously so that you are aware of your deadlines and requested information.

  • Our Claims Department is full of capable individuals committed to gathering all of the requested information regarding your claim and making a fair determination on coverage based on your Warranty Agreement and the information provided. They examine the documentation sent by the Repair Facility and decide according to set standards in the warranty agreement. These talented professionals follow up with the Repair Facility as soon as they receive the information. Once all information is submitted, turnaround time is relatively quick — we understand every hour is time you could be back on the road, and that’s our priority. 

On top of our qualified personnel, we employ the finest team of Directors ready to supervise and provide the best training. They aim to prepare each employee to succeed at the company and deliver the best service to every one of our customers, retailers, and stakeholders. We take pride in our customer service and all of the ways we make TrüNorth Global™ better for you and your business. 

At TrüNorth Global™, we strive to keep serving our industry and find new ways to provide the outstanding coverage you need. No matter what warranty you need, we strive to keep innovating and developing the best commercial warranty so you and your business can have peace of mind and satisfaction. Our team is ready to assist at any time you need us.  As we always say, “No Matter where the land, sea, or air takes you, we’re with you all the way.” 

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