What is Driver Responsibility?

A question that we often get asked is, what is Driver Responsibility in the world of heavy truck warranties? Driver responsibility is a skill set of truck driver duties that include: attention to detail, communication skills, how to ensure your truck is covered when there’s an issue and etc. Another important responsibility is keeping a clean rig along with following scheduled maintenance terms. Following your scheduled maintenance is one of the most important factors in keeping your heavy-duty equipment working at its best. In order to operate effectively, routine checks to ensure the proper function of your truck or equipment is critical. But with everything going on with day to day operations, how do you keep track of it all?  

A logbook is a great place to start. You can set reminders, track your past maintenance efforts and even give yourself tips on where to get your maintenance completed. At TrüNorth Global™, we have taken this effort one step further. With our newly updated mobile app, we are bringing simplicity and ease of maintenance into the palm of your hands. With your smartphone, you can now track your mileage, scheduled maintenance, and even find a repair shop to complete the scheduled check-up. As a heavy-duty truck driver, we know the importance of making reminders for these types of appointments easy. You can easily download the app today and start keeping track of your maintenance in real-time wherever you are, even when away from your logbook/truck. 

Completing your scheduled maintenance seems like a no-brainer to most, but it’s also the simplest way to ensure that your extended warranty will keep you on the road. For you, this could save you thousands of dollars along the way, and keep your heavy-duty equipment working long after the next job is completed.

Another important piece of driver responsibility is pulling over when being alerted to any skips, misses, lights on the dash or etc. It is highly recommended that you pull over and contact the claims department immediately when this happens to prevent continued operation of an impaired vehicle. At TrüNorth Global™ we do understand you have a job to do and that protecting your investment is your number one priority. That is why communication is key. As soon as an issue arises, contact our claims department. 

Heavy-duty truck drivers carry a lot of responsibilities. Ultimately, heavy-duty drivers are our front line workers and continue to keep the economy going. Our economy depends on truck drivers for their transportation needs. 

To learn more about TrüNorth Global™ warranty programs and services, or for help determining the right warranty program for your business needs, visit us at TrüNorth Warranty or call us at 1-800-903-7489. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


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